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What is Love?

When people hear the word love, they sometimes tend to shy away from its beauty, some embrace its differences and others may not have a clue! I recently had the pleasure to sit down and speak with a beautiful Nubian Queen about love. We shared our untold stories on how love helped us endure, we spoke about the different love languages and types of love and we even touched on how others definition of love.

Love makes the world go round. Love brings hope. Love speaks power. Love unites. Love patient and kind. Love is understanding. Love is sacred.

With that said please tune in to this (unedited) episode of #HerStory with Clavia (podcast style).

After you've listened to this episode go on over to Amazon and purchase a book of affirmation by yours truly and leave a review!

I Am from A to Z: A Book of Affirmations

Wishing you a Happy February! One of the most calming months of the year. Reminder to take time for self so you take care of others. Remember you are loved! I love you, but know Jesus loves you more. ♥️


Clavia #c31hc

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