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Affirmations from A to Z by Clavia Allen

I've had mixed emotions over the past couple of years regarding life, family, friends, work, motherhood, love, and success. Emotions include happiness, sadness, annoyance, self-confidence, anger, frustration, compassion, contentment, loneliness, and confusion. One may ask, how can I deal with these feelings and still have a smile? I understand that it's okay to not be okay, I've learned to be content in whatever state I find myself in. I've learned not to run from these emotions, but to face them head-on. The difference is, I understand I AM NOT ALONE! Growing up in "the church", I learned many things about many things, and at my age now, I've learned to unlearn to learn. I trust God 100% in EVERYTHING. I understand he is my source, I understand there are basic instructions before leaving Earth and only what is done for Christ will last!

After listening to Chandler Moore's "FEELINGS" album it reminded me I am not alone and God understands my feelings and he sits there with me in all these feelings from A to Z. He has taught me to overcome, he has taught me his love remains the same. Over 5 years ago I wrote an eBook called Affirmations from A to Z and while working on that book, it encouraged me as a writer to never give up on my dreams no matter how long it takes. Every situation we go through should be a learning experience to make us stronger and become a version of ourselves. Do things that make you feel good. One feeling that I cherish in spite of all my mixed feelings is joy. Joy has taught me to remain content. Joy has taught me brighter days will come. Joy has taught me to love again. Joy has taught me it's okay to cry because there is a season for everything.

We all have a purpose under the sun. No matter how you feel, high or low; YOU ARE OKAY!

With that said, stay tuned for some amazing upcoming collaborations with Chosen31HandCraft_Essentials and other amazing women that are stepping out in faith to CHANGE THE WORLD!


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